How Coconut Water Can Ease the Side-Effects of Covid-19 & the Vaccine

It seems like everyone’s a little under the weather these days. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid a Covid diagnosis, you may feel groggy simply from getting your vaccine or booster shot. 

But who has time for fatigue, headache, chills, soreness…that seemingly endless list of side-effects from a vax or booster? Not us. That’s why we’re reaching for a can of CoAqua Super-Premium Coconut Water to get us through our recovery.

Loaded with hydrating electrolytes from potassium, magnesium, and calcium, CoAqua might just help you shake off those post-shot groggies and jump back into action.

So how can coconut water help you recover from the symptoms of a vaccine? Keep reading to find out.

Hydration is key

Getting enough fluids is essential whatever the occasion. But in this season of the pandemic, you definitely need to stay hydrated—and then some.

When you get vaccinated, you are introducing your body to a substance it doesn’t recognize. As a result, the immune system learns how to react to such an infection, in case you come into contact with the real virus in the future. And the key to keeping your immune system in tip-top shape? Staying hydrated!

CoAqua is packed with natural electrolytes that will give your body all the nutrients it needs. In fact, coconut water is renown for having more electrolytes than even plain water. While you recover from your shot, drinking plenty of coconut water will ensure that your body can run at peak capacity, and develop the immune response it will need to fight off a viral infection.

As for common side-effects like fever, chills, and headache? The CDC advises consuming tons of fluids to mitigate the discomfort. But if you’re choosing between a sugary sports drink and a can of CoAqua, the choice is clear. Only coconut water has the nutrients and electrolytes to control blood pressure, boost natural immunity, and keep you more than sufficiently hydrated.

It’s no wonder there was a spike in coconut water sales across Southeast Asia last summer, as vaccination campaigns were underway. From Malaysia to Singapore to Vietnam (where we get our coconuts), the recently-vaccinated reached for one of nature’s oldest remedies to sooth their post-shot symptoms.

“It eased my fever quite quickly after my second jab,” 26-year-old Sheryll Lin told The Straits Times. “I felt more energetic after I drank a bottle,” she said, adding that her parents also “felt better” after drinking plenty of coconut water.

What if I already have Covid?

First off, we’re sorry to hear it. Health authorities recommend you stay home, get some rest, and consume plenty of clear fluids. You know, like coconut water.

And we’re not just juicing our own fruit here. Trusted health leaders like St. Luke’s specifically encourage Covid patients to consume “decaffeinated teas, clear soups, and electrolyte beverages.” In addition to giving your immune system the assist it needs to fight the virus, staying hydrated is integral to your urinary system’s ability to remove toxins from the body. And only CoAqua can give your body that premium dose of electrolytes that will bolster your defenses and get you back on your feet.

So don’t hesitate. Whether you’re sick, recovering from a vax or booster, or proactively guarding your body against disease, CoAqua will give you all the strength you need. Order your pack today, and feel the difference.  

*Disclaimer* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All statements within this blog are based on subjective research. 

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