Are there any coconut waters that taste good?

Are there any coconut waters that taste good?

When did coconut water pop up everywhere? From the grocery store, to the gym fridge, to the back of the bodega, it seems like coconut water became the toast of the town overnight.

Open up Instagram, and you’ll be even more flooded with images of celebs sipping straight from the coconut, or lounging in their workout gear with a straw in a carton.

“It’s super hydrating,” they all say. “And packed with vitamins and electrolytes!”

“It will cure your hangover like nothing else!” they insist.

“Coconut water is the only thing I’ll drink after yoga!”

But for all the hype and ubiquity of this wonder drink, there’s no way around the elephant in the room: coconut water can be an acquired taste.

At least, that’s what you may think. With its subtle flavor, and it’s unique aroma, coconut water can turn-off people used to super-sugary or carbonated beverages. But if you’ve tested the leading brands and are not convinced, there’s still hope.

Yes, there is finally a coconut water that tastes good. It’s called CoAqua!

Naturally Sweet

What sets CoAqua Super Premium Coconut Water apart from the other players? It starts with the central ingredient.

Many coconut water brands use mature coconuts, whose natural sugars have already transferred into the fruit’s flesh. That may be good if you’re looking to eat a coconut, but it leaves the coconut water bland and undesirable.

CoAqua, on the other hand, uses nothing but young green coconuts, plucked from the palms of southern Vietnam. These coconuts are gleaned only 6-to-7 months into maturation. At this phase, the coconut still holds all of its natural sugars in the water, as opposed to the flesh. As a result, the water that comes from these coconuts is perfectly, naturally sweet.

It’s no wonder CoAqua packages their water as soon as the coconuts are picked. This refresher does not require any synthetic additives or extra flavoring, and is never made from concentrate. Just the pure, sweet water that comes from a young green coconut.

But is it still healthy?

That’s the beauty. Since CoAqua is naturally sweet, there’s no need for heaps of added sugars or nasty additives. What you do get is a whopping fix of natural minerals and electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and calcium, making CoAqua one of the most hydrating beverages on the market. And at only 60 calories per serving, you never have to feel guilty about reaching for a can.

So what’s the catch?

Stop looking for one. CoAqua really does deliver on flavor as well as nutrition. Even the most ardent coconut water cynics agree that CoAqua is nothing short of Super Premium.

What are you waiting for? If you’ve been reluctant to try the market’s favorite new beverage, maybe it’s finally time to test the (coconut) waters.

*Disclaimer* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All statements within this blog are based on subjective research. 

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