Read our story on finding the best tasting Coconut Water on the Planet and launching our national brand!


CoAqua Founder Grier Govorko, a native New Zealander who toured the world as the Production Designer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers for 17 years, discovered one secret tonic that could keep these rockers on their A-Game – Coconut Water. Keeping Hydrated and hangover free was no doubt a key to the bands sustained success.

Halfway across the globe, two young men – Justin Bruckel and Anthony Cadieux in upstate New York were becoming lifelong friends through junior hockey.

Starting at the age of 14, Justin and Tony’s trainers always encouraged them to drink Coconut Water which would hydrate them, offer a good dose of electrolytes, and give them the energy and stamina to stay in the game as well as recover for the next one.


Although worlds apart, they both recognized the benefits that Coconut Water offered, but only if it tasted better!

As fate would have it, a chance meeting with a young lady whom Justin is now engaged to spurred an impromptu trip to New Zealand where Justin was introduced to the most sweet, smooth, and delicious Coconut Water he ever tasted, CoAqua.

Grier, through all his travels, had finally conquered his obsession in finding “The Perfect Coconut” with the young, sweet, green coconuts from the tropics of South Vietnam, he began producing CoAqua in New Zealand.

After returning to New York, and achieving the arduous task of importing CoAqua to surprise his new girlfriend, Justin shared a can with his friend Tony. With one sip, Tony exclaimed “let’s do this”. “Let’s distribute this amazing drink”!

After years of dreaming about being in business together, Justin and Tony finally had found their chance. With Grier on board, over frequent video chats, all three became fast friends launching a global enterprise and thus CoAqua North America was born.