5 Ways Coconut Water Can Support You During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it may feel like the rules are constantly changing. Everyone wants to tell you what you can’t eat, what you need to buy, what’s the right and wrong way to be pregnant. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

Breathe in. Breathe out. You’ve got this! 

Here at CoAqua we understand the challenges that pregnancy can present. Outside of our product being a tasty tropical treat, coconut water is proven to be a safe and beneficial beverage of choice during pregnancy.

Here are 5 reasons you should drink coconut water when expecting.

1. Hydration

Drinking clear fluids is key to keeping your body healthy and free of toxins. That’s more important than ever if you’re pregnant. And coconut water is packed with natural electrolytes, which help supercharge your system and keep you and your baby hydrated.

Dietician Alyssa Pike even touted the benefits of coconut water in an interview with Healthline. “It can be an option during pregnancy,” Pike said, “as it is hydrating and provides electrolytes.” Plus, if you’re craving a little sweetness, CoAqua has just enough natural sugar to hydrate and satisfy at once.

2. Morning Sickness Aid

Those early-morning prayers to the toilet are not, shall we say, the most glamorous part of pregnancy. But you can at least make it better with a little coconut water to settle your stomach and replenish your electrolytes. 

Vomiting rids your body of essential fluid, which means you’ll need to hydrate afterward. And with coconut water, you can fill your body with vital electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, steeling yourself and giving your system the fuel it needs to bounce back.

3. Cure for Acid Reflux?

Pregnancy-related heartburn is real, and it is not pretty. But as your body produces the pregnancy hormone progesterone, your stomach valves relax, causing gastric juice to bubble up into your esophagus. As a result, you may have bouts of those sharp, sour burps.

Fortunately, many women have found solace in sipping coconut water. While the research is still in progress, some women swear by the stuff to settle the stomach and ease that uncomfortable reflux.

4. Supplies Nutrients for Fetal Development

It’s no secret that vitamins and minerals are integral for a growing child’s development. In addition to the prenatal vitamins your doctor will recommend, you ought to consider adding coconut water to your diet for its micronutrient contents.

CoAqua in particular contains magnesium, calcium, and potassium—all micronutrients that can support fetal development. Magnesium, for one, has been associated with increased birth weight, as well as reduced risk of preeclampsia. Calcium, meanwhile, is essential for bone and tooth development. Hence, coconut water is a great supplement to your doctor’s vitamin regimen.

5. May Reduce Blood Pressure

What about the potassium, you may ask? This vital nutrient found in coconut water can be integral to modulating blood pressure during pregnancy. In fact, potassium aids blood flow and regulates blood pressure in both pregnant and non-pregnant people. One 2005 study even demonstrated that drinking coconut water for 2 weeks reduced systolic blood pressure in 71% of participants.

Treat Yourself

The truth is, every pregnancy is unique, and there is no perfect solution for the many challenges you may face. But a refreshing can of coconut water, with all its nutrients, electrolytes, and tropical flavor, might just lift a little weight off your back. You deserve that much.

*Disclaimer* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All statements within this blog are based on subjective research.

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